Lead-Generating Blog And SMM Package

Blogs are a low-cost and very efficient way to boost traffic and search engine rankings.

They can also be used to generate leads in the form of blog subscribers.


A lead-generating blog requires a few extras that a normal blog does not.

  • A subscription form to capture subscribers/leads.
  • A free offer (discount coupon, free ebook, audio download etc) in exchange for their email addresses.
  • A mailing list management system (we recommend Mailchimp which is free till 2000 subscribers)

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If you have no time or inclination to spend hours writing blogs and nurturing an email list, we can handle it for you. We also recommend using social media as a way to reach a wider audience.

We will help you disseminate your content, build authority and reach, create social media branding and build a list of engaged and active subscribers (leads), whom you can contact repeatedly via a newsletter.

Our social media marketing package includes:

1. Creation of a blog as the hub of your social media presence

We believe that you must own your channel through which you communicate with your audience online.

That is why we recommend having your own blog with original content that becomes the hub of your social marketing presence.

If you have not created a blog, we will help you do it (charges will be applied for domain and WordPress hosting).

If you already have a blog, you only need give us your login details.

We will ensure that your blog theme is responsive and mobile-friendly.

We will also keep your WordPress install and plugins updated and optimized with the most relevant functionality and moderate comments and spam.

2. Adding a lead-generation form to your blog, promoting your free offer

We will use the tools provided by MailChimp to add a subscription form with your free offer.

This can be anything relevant and attractive to your subscribers and can be delivered digitally (eg: a discount coupon, a free ebook, webinar or audio download).

3. Managing your email list

We will write follow up emails with offers for your email list and ensure that regular blog updates are sent out via the Mailchimp interface.

We will also ensure that your email subscribers are kept up-to-date with your latest blog posts and offers.

4. Publishing content once a week to your blog

We will publish 1000-word posts of original content, once a week to your blog, to keep your audiences engaged and interested in what you have to offer and boost your search rankings and website traffic.

We will also share your posts to all your social profiles.

5. Management of all your social profiles

We will create and manage 3 to 5 social profiles and build follower lists on all profiles.

You can choose from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest profiles depending on which ones are most relevant to your business.

We believe that B2B business goals would be best served by promoting on Twitter and LinkedIn, while B2C marketing goals would be served by using Facebook and Twitter as the primary channels.

If you are a business that has a local presence and targets local customers, a Google+ Business Page is essential.

If you have rich media content, such as images and video, we believe you should have a presence on YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.

We will grow a following on all profiles, based on the strategy that we will formulate in discussion with you.

4. Posting blog and news content twice a day to all profiles

We will update your social profiles once a day, either with your original blog posts or with non-original news items or quotes that pertain to your industry and keep your audience engaged.

Optional: Facebook Advertising

Facebook organic reach has declined drastically in the recent past.

In order to grow a following and get your posts seen by the right audience, it has become essential to spend on Facebook ads to build a follower base and ensure that your posts get more engagement.

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